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Who we are

Our Goal

What will we achieve?  

By 2033 Wilberforce Alliance will have inspired and equipped a global community of 100,000 men and women to enter public life-driven by the same values that motivated William Wilberforce.

We have 15 years to do it - will you stand with us?

Our Mission

What we do?


Analytics - We inform decision makers of the cultural, economic, political and spiritual trends of our time  

Academy - We equip people who have a calling to go into public life to become transformational leaders  

Action - We inspire leaders to take on the biggest social and political challenges of our day  

Our Values

What drives us?

We have the same inspiration as William Wilberforce

We are non-party political, 

We are non-denominational
We love democracy, liberty and justice
We are global, and are defined by what we are for rather than what we are against

We want to be effective - not famous